Grifball pointing system is screwed up

I honestly don’t get it. If I could have taken a pic I would have, and I will go back into theater if I must. I scored the bomb all five times for my team, and yet I get the lowest amount of points and only get a 503 post game score. My k/d was 25-19. The next game I only scored twice and I get a 700 post game score. My k/d was 25-27. How does this make any sense? The bomb carrier scoring should definitely get more points than what he does, because as a bomb runner and being on a official grifball team, it saddens me to see 343i’s lack of love of the most important position on the court. Also, I would love to see an assist medal for passing the bomb to a teammate and he scores within maybe 5 seconds of that pass. Build team spirit.

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As for the points, it isn’t that important to be honest, points don’t reflect your ability to rank up or unlock anything.