Grifball Players Wanted:

Looking for a group of players to play Grifball with. If you want an invite, message me (GT: xXBarthXx) or put your GT in this post and i’ll invite you.

By the way, its a Grifball gametype that is more classic; 5 rounds, 1 point per round, 3 minutes rounds

gt: jeanmatsunaga

Invite is on the way

Anyone else?

ill be back to war games, when there s like 10 ppl, msg me and i join up.

gotta rank up :confused:

will do sir

GT: keeko2k

GT HashxBrowns I would love to play!

Gt: Not average Joe

Any time send me an invite. Girfball is my love.

Will send out invites in one minute

Anybody else?

No thanks. I hate grifball

I love griffball XBL GT: Browsy da Young

invite sent

I can tell you, the TROOPS of UNSC© Could most definitely use you.
We’re looking to develop and build our own Grifball League, as well as design and promote our own gametypes like Rugby and Pyramid.

Feel free to put in an application, and you will be considered immediately.

Check us out at:

Look forward to hearing from you.

I would love to play some grifball. NexusComplex