Grifball Matchmaking Revisions Proposal | 2018

Hello everyone!

I would like to gather feedback from the community on the current matchmaking settings for Grifball. In Halo 5, Grifball has become a rotational playlist. Members of the PlayGrifball community have been working on creating a proposal to make revisions to the current matchmaking settings, and we want feedback from the community!

The concept of slide in Grifball has plagued the community since Halo 5 adopted the gametype. In matchmaking, slide is enabled and changes the dynamic of the game to a much faster pace. In current Grifball league settings, slide is disabled and allows for a more sustainable and strategic style of play. We want members of the community outside of PlayGrifball to give their feedback on whether slide should be disabled in matchmaking settings. The proposal, based on community feedback, will call for either all-slide or all no-slide. A link to the poll is below.


Thank you!

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