Grifball League?

So, this is just an idea I decided to come up with in spite of all of the community-themed things we’ve been doing throughout the past week, and are still doing. As of late, I have recently found a love of playing the Halo 3/Halo: Reach multiplayer game called Grifball. I absolutely HATED it in Halo 3. But, when it came to Reach, I think I found a new favorite multiplayer game.

So, if you don’t know what Grifball is, or you just haven’t played it in forever, here are the rules:

First, the basics.
It’s Red vs Blue vs Orange (when the ball is picked up.)
Grab the bomb to score first so you can enjoy your killtacular when you win! …just don’t get slaughtered by people before you get to the opposite bomb plant point.

Second, how to play Grifball.

  1. Grab bomb.
  2. Plant bomb on opposite team’s side of the stadium.
  3. Bomb explodes
  4. WIN! …or lose.

The typical game of Grifball is so easy for anyone to pick up and play. Also, in the words of bs angel “I can hit the right trigger…” That’s the entire objective, essentially. Just hit people with hammers and giant light sticks we call energy swords.

I have seriously been considering starting this league. If anyone wants in, let me know! We can start arranging “game days” for the league! It’s up to the community whether I go through with this because I care about the approval you all would give this. <3

I’m in bro :3