Grifball Lag/Glitchy?

Anybody else having issues with grifball?

A more thorough description (or better yet, a saved film in your fileshare) would be swell.

Im not having what you would call regular lag, but i am noticing the typical griffball/hostball type bad connection.

I’d noticed that in bad servers, it doesn’t matter how well timed your Hammer is, you’ll still seem to lose all the time.

But when it DOES work, great times. Me and my friends were playing it for hours yesterday. Even threw the ball all the way across the court to my buddy sitting on the enemy goal at one point. Ah, good times =]

Its laggy because whatever host you are connected to is slow. Usually those who pull host, just like in Reach, have the advantage because everyone else is typically lagged.

Basically about all the games I’ve gone into are laggy, this occurs only in the grifball playlist, no where else.

The lag is always been there. I love when you hit someone point blank when you swing first but they kill you. It’s bad.

The constant betrayals take away from this and you can’t boot no one.

grifball has always been laggy.

does anyone know what commendations grifball counts for? oddball maybe?(fingers crossed).

nope, not for me

Very laggy.

So far I’ve had no lag, and my modem is not considered that good.

It’s nickname is Hostball.

Out of the 20 games I’ve played, I’ve only had 2 laggy games.

Non stop kill trade offs due to lag. I get kills on ppl I don’t see I’m getting betrayed well after the nearby enemy is dead. At best they time their attack wrong or I flank ppl with tunnel vision. At worst I attack well within range, both animations for our attacks are in sync, and I don’t get a trade off. I just die as if my weapon has a shorter range or theirs is increased. Don’t even get me started on serious rubber band style lag issues, I just pretend it doesn’t happen.

All in all I’m having a great time and loving the new playlist. No reason to upset yourself over lag that you have no control over. Idk why so manny ppl are QQing but I’m loving this roller coaster of a game. If I get bored of it, I have reach to look forward to.

I noticed a few games out of all I played today had terrible framerate issues. Similar to how the forge test playlist is but not quite as bad.

> does anyone know what commendations grifball counts for? oddball maybe?(fingers crossed).

You can get:
Hammer and sword commendations (naturally)
Melee - Beatdown (tap RB from behind). You can get pummels too - not sure if this is from RB-hits or if ball kills count.
Combat opportunity - Revenge, Avenger, Yoink, Showstopper
Spartan Spree
First Strike

You DON’T get “Hold the Ball” or “Drop That Ball” commendations/medals
I THINK you still earn Oddball Kill medals
I’m not sure whether Grifball Victory counts towards Oddball Victory (but it does count as a matchmaking win for this months challenge)

I haven’t experienced much lag in my first 8 games, but my very first one last night one player on the opposing team was somehow able to jump 100 ft into the air after becoming the Grif. Has this happened to anyone else? Can anyone think of an explaination? I’m thinking he had a modded controller, but I’m not sure.

I can upload the game to my fileshare if you guys would like to take a look.

Oh yeah, the announcer voice is wrong. He says “betrayal!” when YOU get betrayed. Come on! He’s meant to say “betrayed” if you get betrayed and “betrayal” if you team-kill. It’s ambiguous now.

Also, a quick request to anybody I might play with in Grifball, could you please not betray me when I’m assassinating an enemy? Thanks for the help, but I’ve got this one. And if I’m holding the ball and not running toward the enemy, could you please not betray me for the ball? Sometimes I like to let my shields regenerate before I bezerk four enemy players. Thanks.

It is a gametype based on host, luck, and connection and maybe 0.05% skill.

The thing is it was never this bad in the previous games. I try playing it but what happens is my k/d suffers the biggest blow because of BS.

Half the time the enemy player hits someone, a teammate dies, but I did not see him swing his hammer. Half the time I hit the guy, he does not die, the distance between us slightly increases, he hits and I die. WTF

If only 343i + Microsoft were smart and poured in some money for ded servers, and actually made a BETA (which would eliminate most if not all of the problems we have today), or spent more time on this terrible lag and camp and DMR fest of a game and released it in 2013 things would be much better.