Grifball Kill Hoarding

I would just like to politely argue this whole controversy over playing grifball just for kills. Please think carefully about this. You have a game that is based around CR. CR unlocks ranks and armor, which are your rewards for completing games, getting commedations, and completing challenges. Now, when you have a gametype that ALLOWS a player to rack up thousands of CR in one match by hoarding kills (which would otherwise take longer to earn), then yes, you’re going to have a major problem. Now I’m not sure about this, but I’m guessing 343 implemented the “win bonus” to prevent people from betraying, spawn killing, and just plain hoarding kills the whole game. They wanted to give players a REASON to score. This seems to have made it worse by far. Now, not only do people want to stall the game out to get kills, but it gives them MORE of a reason to because the win bonus is extremely high if you win a game that took the longest time possible. The most I’ve racked up in one game is 26,000CR. NO LIE. That’s more than the current weekly challenge. Not to mention, it’s an easy way to boost your ranking if you have a good team.

My problem with this is that people look down on it and I’ve heard of people getting credit banned because they spawn killed or didn’t “play the game the way it was meant to be played”. That’s just ridiculous. You aren’t modding/hacking, you aren’t AFK’ing, and you aren’t cheating in any way. You are basically getting scrutinized simply because you are better than the other team and take advantage of it. That would be like 343 giving you an unlimited rocket launcher in matchmaking and then banning you if you take advantage of it. I don’t think people should be mad at the spawn killers or the “kill hoarders”. They need to aim their anger at 343 for allowing this to happen and REWARDING those people with 3x as much CR. It’s totally backwards in my opinion. I play for fun and I play most of the playlists… but I definitely play mostly grifball just because it’s easy CR and I don’t have to focus as much.

Considering 343 had nothing to do with the creation of Grifball or it’s implementation into Reach I’d sooner blame Bungie. The only thing 343 did wrong was make the cR payout a little higher than usual.

The ban is there to discourage you from doing what you’re doing in every game of Grifball you play. Rushing to get the bomb is stupid, but holding the game out for ages is just annoying. I’ve done it 2-3 times before and found it a total waste of time given that nothing you earn in Reach is worth it.

The rank is useless, the K/D means nothing and the Armor is just boring. There’s little to no reward in my opinion.

So by all means, hold the game out and kill farm if you really want to, but don’t complain when you get banned, and I’m not directing that at you OP. Other folks too.
I like the idea of people getting banned if they choose to exploit things to a ridiculous level. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Tbh I only kill hoard on halo 4 in grifball to do the monthly challenge and get 5000 kills

Standing behind a spawn and swinging a hammer every 3 seconds isn’t really skillful at all.

It may not be “cheating” in the sense that it is obviously part of the game however it is exploiting and abusing the gametype. The point of grifball is to arm the ball to score points, not to stand behind a spawn and swing every 3 seconds.

The win bonus was supposed to be on a sliding scale where the faster you win, the more credits you get. Obviously, something happened and that’s not how it was implemented. People aren’t getting cR banned for spawn killing but likely for boosting on idle controllers or for simply going AFK while they’re getting spawn killed instead of quitting out.

That’s the whole point of Grifball.

> That’s the whole point of Grifball.

No it’s not.

Eh, holding the bomb until the last second is the only way to play Grifball, really. Whenever I get the bomb and activate it early on in the game, my “teammates” all start betraying me for scoring so quickly. I’ve even been sent messages rebuking me for scoring too fast.

> > That’s the whole point of Grifball.
> No it’s not.

Grifball was created to terrorize kids…

> > > That’s the whole point of Grifball.
> >
> > No it’s not.
> Grifball was created to terrorize kids…

No, grifball was created for betrayal sprees :slight_smile:

The main problem with Grifball now is that if you hold the bomb and score in sudden death and win the game you get a massive credit payout. As each round runs for 4 mins players that are now seeking the massive credit payout have to do something with their time and unfortunately the only option is to kill the opposition. Spawn killing players and getting lots of multikills will give you no where near the amount of credits that scoring 3 bombs in sudden death will. As snickerdoodle pointed out above if they reversed it and gave you the massive credit payout for fast bomb plants then you would see most players opt for the quick win. Most grifballers have maxed out their Multikill and Close quarters commendations by now so there really is no point in getting lots of kills unless you are stat padding your KD spread.

> > > > That’s the whole point of Grifball.
> > >
> > > No it’s not.
> >
> > Grifball was created to terrorize kids…
> No, grifball was created for betrayal sprees :slight_smile:

I’m #1 for betrays in halo 4 Grifball!!! I’m so proud of myself :slight_smile:

This is what happens when you base ranks on credits/ XP but don’t make Arena out to be the most lucrative playlist. Win bonus should be the part of the game that gives out more credits… Not time in game bonus.

Or else you give people motivation to make games last longer (get total game time bonus larger) and less motivation to win games quickly.