Grifball Betrayal and Walls

I’ve been playing grifball a couple times since its release, and today I noticed a ‘superb’ exploit of the game.

People running with the ball over the walls of the field. Climbing with the help of their teammates.

Is that allowed or is it indeed a exploit?

Another matter, as everything in this game mode is to crush and slice our way through, it would be of much help if 343 consider to disable the betrayal. Sometimes things go crazy with both weapons and you can’t control which body you’ll tear apart.

I was expelled from a game for the first time today and I don’t like that. I tried to defend my ground and teammates ran through.

With so much chaos in this game mode you can’t stop betrayals from happening.

I know right this is BS 343 needs to fix this Grifball has failed its launch 343 messed up again.