Grifball/Assault Gametype Help

I’m trying to convert Grifball into an Assault game, and I was wondering if the current Grifball gametype in Matchmaking is effected by the weapon update?

Probably not.

An easy test is to simply give everyone Battle Rifles, and see if it takes five shots to kill. If so, the gametype is unaffected by the update.

About that… I’m silver lol so that’s why I ask. You’re probably right though.

How would you even get the updated gametype as a silver player? The update was not some Title Update to the game but actual changes to the gametype itself. If you want the updated weapons, you need to play the Slayer game currently in matchmaking. The on disc slayer variant does not have updated weapons.

Yeah I just got my 1month from Bing… and it turned out to be a 12month!! lmao I’m so happy :smiley:

I highly doubt it. There’s no reason to make an entirely new gametype for Grifball after the TU when it doesn’t affect either of the two weapons. If they would just add back all the gametypes people have been wanting since Day 1, that would be nice! (Won’t happen, though.)