Grifball and SA

As a huge fan of Grifball i was wondering how could the new Spartan Abilities affect gameplay when playing it, so i came to the forums to ask:
1-Would you like Grifball to return?
2-How do you think Spartan Abilities could modify the gameplay?

Grifball has to return. It just has to. And it might get quite a bit more skilful with thrusters in the mix. You can dodge and counter now, whereas before it was just about timing. Slide and charge I can’t see being very useful, but GP could be used to deliver the bomb if your teammate launches you into the air. I suppose you could call that maneuver a Nuke or something?

I don’t think SA should be in Grifball. Or sprint. That’s why Grifball sucked in Halo 4 but it was great in Reach. At least, classic Grifball should be the first choice when time comes to vote, other gametypes can be included after

Heck yes. had tons of fun playing grifball. and like the guy above me said. Spartan abilities should not be included. I did like the whole passing the ball. that was pretty fun when done with a team that knew how to play.