Griefers/idlers/etc in SpOps: Wat do?

I just came out of a rather…novel Spartan Ops experience which involved a teammate dead-set on betraying as many of his other comrades (i.e., me and a few others) as he could by Ghost-splattering, and doing it as frequently as he could (this was EP8Ch1. There are a lot of Ghosts. It was unpleasant) and as much as he could.

I apologize if I’m missing any sort of announcement to this end, but is there any way to report these sorts of people? The lack of theater mode makes me doubt it, but I’m just curious as to whether or not there’s anything to be done about these very unpleasant people besides simply marking them as Avoided.

Thanks in advance for any help.

atm no all you can do is avoid them. though if they get enough avoids in a certain area i think something happens to them.

File a complaint and hopefully he gets some sort of ban. You can file a complaint by going on the players profile on Xbox Live.

Just don’t plays Spops with randoms.

-Trash every Ghost.
-Pay attention and don’t get Splattered.
-It’s Spartan Ops: get betrayed and don’t even care.

Those are my suggestions. Only rarely, very rarely, is griefing like this catastrophic and hell, you may as well do it back to them.

Will it make missions take longer? Sure. Will it make you enjoy it more? Quite possibly. I’ve played many Spartan Ops missions where I betray someone, then they betray me, then we each kill the other plenty while we work to finish the mission.

Betray them back and send a signal indicating you’re only doing it for fun. Seriously: try it :smiley: