Grew up on halo, love halo infinite gameplay.. but the multiplayer maps are weak!?

Like I said, I grew up on halo, it raised me as far as video games go & is hands down my favorite game series. I think the campaign is pretty awesome so far, but I mostly play MP especially ranked and I just feel like the multiplayer maps in the game for ranked are not only in my opinion terribly designed; but once you repetitively get those same ‘so-so’ maps over and over it gets really tiring and has sort of disinterested me from playing the game at the moment. At least the MP hasn’t been fun bc of this…Anyone else feel this or am I the only one?


That’s cause they’re stupid eSports maps. They’ve been doing this since the big eSports push from Halo 5. They look pretty, but they’re boring AF. This is why I want more maps like Launch Site, because it actually feels like a fun Halo map. Not some 3 lane generic competitive map. Since Halo 5 it feels like every map is Wizard/Warlock.


The maps are super bare. Super open. Nothing in them. Long hallways.

You want to know why it’s like that? Sprint. That’s why.
In halo 5 maps were based around the abilites you already had so you had cool maps like plaza or collisieuim. Even in halo 3 the map gaurdain has variety and interesting jumps and routes.

Halo infnite is bare because you can’t do anything but Sprint. This was one of the biggest mistakes they made with Halo and the gameplay will suffer for it. Once the honey moon phase is over people will begin to see the glaring issues that still plague Sprint.

I’m not hating on Sprint either. I LOVE IT but it only worked in halo 5 because it was attached to the abilites. Now there is no reason for Sprint. It’s just there to serve as a dopamine rush for the players who want Sprint.

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I think plaza from Halo 5 deserves some praise. But I agree nothing interesting in halo infinite maps


most (excluding btb) are very three lained mapped. like even with sprint… Halo Reach had more iconic and memorable and unique maps than infinite. i think the only good one is live fire and maybe that one map that is oppened up in a circle. since streets, bazzar, and one other map i actually forgot the name of are three laned. again, excluding BTB maps

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The sad thing is most of the maps have more then 3 lanes they just decided to block others off at some point. Probably after the pro-team decided they didn’t like them. There all completely detailed also its sad.


I completely agree. I personally think it would be great on 343i’s part to just remake like 2 or 3 community favorites from each game and bring them into infinite. Would be an easy way to add maps to the playlist and add some diversity.


not just 2 or 3. don’t forget CE and Reach. heck, maybe even 4/5 if anyone liked the maps from them


I meant 2 or 3 maps from each game. Reach, combat evolved, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Even if they did 1 per game they would double their current map load out.


ookay, i get what ya mean. but yeah, like that would tottaly be cool. halo wasn’t never aposed to that anyhow, a lot of CE maps were remastered in newer games

All of the BTB maps are pretty much 3-laned for ground vehicles.


100% agree with OP.

343 has had this problem since Halo 4, they are focusing too much on MLG stuff instead of actually making a fun game. We need some asymmetrical maps, I still don’t understand why we can’t lean on some older designs since we did away with the advanced movement stuff. Huge library of good maps to use.

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Halo 4 only had one good competitive map out of the box, but continue.

Oh really? How do you explain all the BTB maps and maps like Launch Site/Behemoth?

Most of the MLG darling maps are also very popular to casuals, so kind of pointless to trash on MLG/competitive maps.

All of the maps are asymmetrical (besides Bazaar?)

343i (basically any newer company) doesn’t like to remake older stuff for a variety of reasons. One of which is that it doesn’t build a resume/portfolio like coming up with a new one would, not to mention that lots of older maps that are remade just end up playing far worse for newer games than they did for old.

Agreed. Bazaar is among the worst maps I’ve ever played in a Halo game.

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On top of this, man some of us want fresh all new experiences. I myself don’t want to see any remake of a map. I’m tired of remakes. It’s time to make some sick memorable all new maps that really stand out in this new year of halo.

Maybe I’m mixing up terminology, but I thought asymmetrical was not mirrored. AKA Bazaar, Aquarius, Behemoth.

They have a few like Streets, Launch Site, and LIve fire that play pretty well. But I miss 4v4 on stuff like Blood Gulch and Zanzibar. More room to maneuver for CTF and Bomb.

Also, you are coming off as a bit of a jerk. Relax.

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Fair enough.

I keep hearing this and yet I feel that if they were to remake a lesser known Halo 2/3 or even 4 map it would still feel very different because its a whole new game, and besides, Halo hasn’t really made anything crazy I’d argue since the Halo CE/2 days so its not like 343i are going to push the envelope in any real way with map design.

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Halo infinite maps are playable, sure, but they’re kind of forgettable, which is what makes players tire of them quickly.

The vintage Halo maps that players will never forget were fantastic works of imagination as well as incredible play spaces.

If we got just a couple more maps in matchmaking that were a little more, well, Halo-ish, it would do a lot for the matchmaking experience.

Imho the maps of Halo Infinite are too open, with too large spaces. Sometimes the zones have too many access / escape points, which makes the encounters a little random.

I miss maps like Lockout, Midship, Guardian, Zealot, Countdown, which in their simplicity offered a much cleaner experience.

I can see sprint as a way to close distance or travel away from trouble at a faster rate I know there were times in halo3 if i had just been able to move a little faster i could have gotten away, but of course nobody thinks about tatical uses of sprint… well most of the time…