Grevious greviances

Being a slightly older gamer to some ( or most ) ive always thought i had a lot more patience than some other gamers however i find myself wanting to trade halo 4 in ( for the record never traded a halo game before … ever )

This game started off with all the promise you would expect from this franchise and i know all the people i regulary talk to online were pumped up about it too.

yet i have stuck the disc back in after a couple of disappointing dlc packs to get this castle pack and pow, it seems to be soooooooooooo bad.
However its late so i will bullet point my … points and we shall see if its just a grumpy old man spouting off or do i have any validity.

  1. i enjoyed the campaign, and certain stort elements of spartan ops but multiplayer came up wanting i feel, it wasnt well balanced in a lot of circumstances .
  2. I shelled out money to get the free content but only to be disappointed with the map packs which dont seem to offer much in the way of customization. hell even some of the original maps didnt offer full customization.
  3. I know there has to be some rank cap at first but this far down the line how can you keep it in place ?. It limits the playability somewhat
  4. Reach forge was a hell of a lot better in the way of content than this one

Im sure there are many other faults i find irritating but its 4.30 am and im tired
so heres the frivilous matters.

  1. why the hell arent there any falcon type vehicles in forge ( they added a new way to play in reach and were a great way to team up with your mates or people you dont know but it got you talking . ) instead we are stuck with a banshee which from what i can see it a glorified battering ram most of the time.
  2. why cant you have full forge items in every map ( within reason )
    it seems 343 want to put the option of forge but stifle your creativity
    ( e.g the new castle map pack, for the most part all you can do is lay a few sandbags or crates around… hardly game changing )
  3. they release a forge island which offers very little new ( free i know so you cant complain ) but it caters for a very specific person ( not getting at machinima users btw)
  4. the emphasis on teamwork in a predominatly team based mp seems to have gone out the window. e.g
    . banshee and mantis are extensions of one player who generally plays for themsleves ( and will sacrifice the vehicle if they dont get it themselves which never happened in such a regular fashion as it does in this game and if you ask me, is a symptom of the lone wolf nature encouraged by this sort of game )
  5. we need a huge map with whatever you can throw in it
    ( elephants/mammoths/pelcians/falcons/various other races vehicles )
    that used to work great in halo 3
  6. we need more out the box thinking, i have heard things thrown around like
    an o.d.s.t style drop mission… genius.

so i think in short,
. add more scope to forge to keep people playing, creating and getting them enthused.
. refocus mp to be just that or rename all the types lone wolf .
. dont give someone just a block a wood, give them a block of wood and tools to shape it, you might be suprised at what they make.
. Do away with the silly little achievments in thses map packs and give someone an objective worth chasing.
. above all else please dont make get rid of halo 4 - already been dissapointed with mass effect 3 lol


I believe I can agree to everything you’ve said