Grenades, shield recharge, movement, etc

I have been playing this beta since the first week and I have a few problems that need to be fixed. Once the shield recharge rate is a little slow compare to games like the halos and halo 5. As well grenades do a little too much damage in my opinion, you should be able to at least survive a hit and not be one shot everytime. As well some games felt like we were bullet sponges and we die a little too quickly. Gameplay felt pretty good, I felt we can knock out a couple games at a really good rate. But maybe kick back the damage on a couple of things and things should be alright in my book

I will say that melee is a little powerful at the moment with gun-fu (melee, reload, melee) but grenades to me have felt pretty balanced, it takes two normal grenades to kill a player in my experience and sticky grenades are an instant kill as they should be.
I do agree with you that shield recharge takes awhile to come back, but usually when I’m playing I keep on the move and by the time I run into another player the shield is back to full either just as I enter combat or a few seconds before.