Grenades need some kind of adjustment

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the halo 5 beta thus far, despite my limited play time due to real life events, but one issue I’m finding is the way grenades work. A lot of times, I’ll get killed by a grenade without even knowing that one was there, there may have been a beep or ricochet sound, but it blends in with the white noise in the background of the maps. This issue is especially prevalent in Breakout, as multiple times, I’ll be killed by a grenade when I had no idea that one was even thrown. There should be some kind of better notification that a grenade is nearby, I’m not saying that an arrow needs to appear on-screen or anything, but there needs to be something like a much louder ricochet noise, a quick callout saying " grenade at 3 o’clock" or something, or maybe a slightly longer delay before detonation. I’m not saying this because I’m some 12 year old who gets frustrated easily (I’m actually 15 btw), I’m saying this as a player who wants to see the game improve. I also realize that this may affect the skill curve, but this issue has caused me and my team to lose multiple matches of Breakout because the grenades are too hard to notice, and several teammates will be killed because the grenade was thrown from the side and landed behind us and no one had any idea that there was now a grenade behind us. Otherwise, the game has been going great, I love how the gameplay feels with weapon balancing, and using cover, though the structures tend to lad to a lot of “ring around the rosy” gameplay where it all comes down to who shoots at the other first. Also, there should be some negative repercussion for leaving mid-match, as the way the game is built, losing a player is basically a death sentence for your team. Keep up the good work, and this may be one of the best shooters of 2015

you’re right the nades in Halo 5 don’t do a very good job at letting you know they’re there. i’d like to see a similar system that Halo 3 had implemented, where the grenades would make a hissing sound.