Grenades have too much velocity and too large a radius

The title says it all. With friendly fire off, these incredibly strong grenades are a damn absolute menace giving undeserving kills.

Maybe I just don’t understand them but it feels like I need a thruster to escape any frag thrown my way. And we don’t spawn with those.

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Yeah, they do have a large blast radius and it’s taking some time for me to adjust and sometimes it’s just brutal. That said, they’re not quite at the “hand nuke” level that grenades were in CE.

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It’s a huge issue when you spawn and have a grenade between your legs. Some grenade tosses are heaved way too far. They need to do a cook timer, or spawn with less grenades, or not be able to loot corpses for grenades - something needs to be done.

Being an old school Halo nerd, I love that they finally re-amped the grenades.
… if all the opposing player wants to do is press a single button to get a kill (your average COD player) than they deserve to be penalized for not being creative enough to multitask and use all available weapons in unison.

That’s what separates Halo from the wave of increasingly simplified first person shooters that followed after it, a player has to think and be proactive… they have to ‘earn’ the win, not camp in a corner and then pat themselves on the back for cheap kills.

Odd. I thought the radius was smaller and they were weaker. I’ve not killed people who had no shields and that’s been frustrating.


I play a lot of Halo MCC, and the grenade toss in infinite is off. They don’t go nearly as far, and the arch really quickly. Stickies are harder to get. All the grenades seem to have a weight to them now that wasn’t present before.

Also grenade explosions are really silly looking. It’s a big fire ball, not at all what a grenade explosion should look like. Look at past Halos to compare.

My main problem with grenades is when I stick vehicles they don’t “feel” like when you stick a vehicle in 2, 3 or Reach

This is how I feel. I see people practically standing on top of grenades with shields down and they don’t die. So annoying.

The fix for a lot of grenade related issues, is to turn player collision and friendly fire back on. It would solve many issues here.