Grenades, Ghost Mechanics, and Warthog Mechanics.

Grenades; I’ve noticed recently grenades aren’t being thrown like Halo 1 or one of the better grenade-distance throwing Halo games. This nerf saddens me severely. I am a grenade mortarman. It’s not my fault people are camping for so long that my grenades can travel 270 meters with a -Yoink!- good calculated throw that I can kill them until they cry for mommy, (in this case, 343.) Seriously, it takes skill to land grenades at that distance, so don’t nerf distance just because I’m an Onyx FFA player that can Reach ™ out and touch you. Ghosts; I’ve noticed they are almost completely unflappable by grenades, and so are Warthogs. This really should be changed up, and it’s a tiny bit too easy to get onto a ghost, even without almost nade flipping a ghost. I don’t want ghosts flipping every time it’s just that I see no difference when nading around them. Warthogs; as previously mentioned, unflappable by grenades! Also; THE HILLS AND BUMPS OF HALO 5 ARE TERRIFYING. While I am slowly adjusting to these absurd hills that are apparently Mount Killamanjaro in size even though they are 1-2 feet of gradual elevation, it is REALLY old, and it makes the warthog feel like a tin can rather than WAR-HOG. (Note; I of course means physical mechanics, things just don’t feel right in these areas.)