idk about you but the grenades on this game are way to powerful. Especially the spike grenade, you can be full health and have someone throw a spike grenade into the room(lets say right in the middle) and you can be in a corner and somehow you die. I dont get it how many of those spikes of the grenade need to hit you yp kill a full health player? i mean this has happened so many times to me and i think i will be good and nope dead. its the same for all the nades the frags, sticks, and shock grenades all have to big of an explosion radius for one and two if your even on the very edge of that radius it can kill you at full health, which has happened to me countless times. ive played every halo from CE to 5 now to Infinite and i cant remember when grenades ever did this much damage to a player. it causes matches to turn into a grenade throwing spam which is dumb. I mean i love nades they are probably one of my favorite things to get a kill with especially when you get a stick on a player from across map there is no better feeling (besides maybe a NS). but even a nade lover like myself has to admit that these things are way to OP. PLZ 343 do something about this asap (and while your add it can you look into these 3 shot kills with the BR as well i have over 5 videos of this happening to me even the player who has 3 shot me is totally surprised as he is still unloading after the 3rd shot cause he know i shouldnt die until min. 4 shots and that has to be a Perfect)


Lol did you just describe how each Grenade is meant to be used?

Spikes ALWAYS were powerful in tight corners. It’s their intended design. Try throwing it in the open, it’s utterly useless. Infinite arguably made the Spike Grenade actually worth using, I like it.

Frags actually feel much weaker in Infinite but due to their good bounce, they are great for throwing around corners and such.

One reason I can guess why you think Grenades are killing you so hard is because BTB maps now are very tight maps. They are designed as an open map but with many PoIs to fight over, and each PoI is like a mini arena to fight in. And since now BTB has 12 players, the amount of nade spam is through to roof if you hunker down.


You you described how they are meant to be used? Are u dumb or high right now?


Not sure about the whole spiel but I agree grenades are annoyingly powerful in this game, mainly because friendly fire is turned off. Pair that with no grenade indicators to distinguish enemy vs. friendly grenades, the bounciness of grenades and their large AoE in this game, and you have a really annoying incentive to grenade spam. You don’t have to be careful or accurate with grenades in this, at least not nearly as much so as in older games.

I hope they change it so you have only 1 frag in social modes that have no friendly fire to balance that and reduce the spam. I also hope they add some indicators so I can tell which grenades are actually going to hurt me, and when there’s one at my feet that I didn’t happen to hear clinking.


No, stop brigading the forums.


I disagree. I am loving the grenade play in this game. I do agree that maybe 343i could think of additional ways to enhance grenade awareness for players, but I don’t think it’s currently broken or anything. I do play in surround sound though.

I love the new dynamo grenades too. I like how they are a it unpredictable with their bounciness.

I am really missing the splinter grenades and their hilarious resulting kills (and hilarious betrayals), not team mention very interesting tactical uses, but perhaps dynamo grenades were meant to fill a similar role, but in a purposely less effective way. They have some denial-of-area usage, but they are less lethal, and because of their bounciness, they are sort of more temporary, as they move rather than plug up one spot for several seconds the way splinter grenades did.

I am really loving using the spike grenades in tactical ways too!


Frags literally NEVER kill people, they need buffed. A single grenade should drop their ENTIRE shield, allowing for a single 1-tap headshot.

Bring back the Halo we all expected, get rid of this disgusting trash that they’re trying to pass off as “Halo.”

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The only grenade that I feel is truly overpowered are the Dynamo grenades. Those things are insane, and it seems like people have them constantly. I think if they kicked down spawn grenades to 1 and reduced the dynamo grenade spawn frequency, it would be much better. I don’t see a real reason to take away the two spawning plasma or spike grenades, they’re there to be power weapons. Maybe they could alter the timers for all these things somewhat and fix the spammy nature of them that way.

I think they could use a slight nerf. I dont remember dying this much to nades in other halos. But this is why I wanted and loved BR starts, With AR starts you have no choice but to climb up the enemies back side which almost always has them throwing a nade, or an enemy teammate trying to clean up with a nade, where with BR you can keep your distance and even if they hail mary you theres enough distance for you to run away and re-gain shields. So to me nades only suck in AR only modes.

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This this like a parody account? This is the second funny comment I’ve seen from you.

I love all your absolute statements said with such conviction!

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Grenades are inconsistent and if you think they are op I recommend you to back and play the original trilogy again. Half the time in infinite I’ll get someone no shields and they will sit on my grenades and come out alive somehow

Yeah, I’m really not seeing this happen either. I feel like people are over emphasizing one situation that happened that maybe they couldn’t really follow what was going on and they they immediately jump to assuming the worst, assuming that the game is broken.

ok, I’m jumping to a conclusion now is what u are saying cause what I died to a frag one time and I thought I shouldn’t have? I’ve been playing halo since CE and yes grenades are powerful in CE but I can’t remember in any halo after that where 1 frag would kill a full shield spartan. and yes i have seen grenades where the kid is one shot and they are literally standing on top of the grenade and they don’t die, that is some bs and needs to be fixed what I am saying is that 1 frag should not KILL A FULL HEALTH SPARTAN which has happened more than once every time I play. I agree that a frag should get u down to 1 shot if u are close to it but killing u completely is what I’m having a hard time accepting and if it hasn’t happened to u then congrats I wish I could experience halo from ur POV but when a frag kills me and i haven’t been touched by anything else I see this as a problem and if you don’t agree that’s the great thing about the internet is that everyone has their own oppinions.

No they’re not and no they don’t.
You can close this discussion now, it’s no longer needed.

opinions* correction

and that’s ur opinion if u don’t like it then why are you even here reading the discussion and commenting on it or do u just have that much time on ur hands cause u have no life except for reading the halo forums

There’s nothing left that’s actually import to discuss is why. So further comments are just a waste of everyones time from that point onwards.

It’s import to let everyone know is all. =]