Grenade throwing at start of mission

Hi guys and girls just wanted to ask and see if anyone else has this problem whenever I start a mission on halo 3 odst and halo 4 I throw a grenade without pressing the controller. How can I get it to stop is it a bug ? When I restart it does it again only when I die the first time does it stop. It’s not that big of a deal but it’s a waste of a grenade :frowning:

Maybe your controller has the right trigger stuck. Try to press the right trigger a few times and it might work. If it doesn’t, I recommend buying a new controller.

Hi nipples1812,

This sounds like an issue with Xbox 360 or your Xbox 360 controller and thus is out of our scope. We recommend you reach out to Xbox Support in one of the following ways:

[/li]- Xbox Support on Twitter