grenade spamming a problem?

I just started playing Halo reach again after 2 months and started to realize right away that people are started to spam grenades. is it just me rusting or is this some kind of problem.

Yes, i 've noticed that in a couple of games. They throw 4 nades against me and i don’t have any chance of surviving. It just pisses me off. I like to throw a bunch of them aswell :slight_smile:

well grenade physics in reach have changed alot since halo 3. they are much more effective against anything really but they have a shorter distance throw than say halo 3 where you were practically an NFL quarterback.

I would be rather hypocritical to bash grenade spammers seeing as I always spam all my grenades if I know I’m going to die.

In my opinion, grenade spamming isn’t a problem. If they spam their frags and get no use of it, they just wasted them. If your playing FFA they may be spamming the frags because a bunch of enemies are piled up together. I Threw grenades at a pile of enemies once, and got an overkill. The way I would do it, is if you have a shotgun/sword/rocket and I brought your shields down and you hide at a corner, I will chuck my frags until I kill you and if I don’t kill you, I will run away before you pop out with the shotgun/sword/rocket.

Spamming Frags: Grenade spamming is most common in FFA, MLG, and Slayer Pro, players do this when they have no idea where you are on the map and just spam a frag in case your around the corner and they can have the advantage when they’ve brought your shields down.

For example: You throw a random frag grenade. The enemy comes from around the corner and steps on it. Grenade explodes. Enemy shield is down. Headshot.

People shouldn’t be penalised for gathering grenades. They have grenades, so they have the advantage. If it kills you, then that’s all that matters. You can do the same, so it’s just a tactic, not necessarily unbalanced.