Grenade Spam.. AH!

Hey everyone, this is my first ever thread on this forum. Yay!

Anyway, as I’m sure many of you have noticed or will notice, there is a lot of grenade spamming going on in Reach these days. Trying to escape a tight situation is nearly impossible now that people have gotten used to the trajectory of grenades, and to say the least, it’s quite frustrating.

But I’m not so concerned with the constant barrage of frags being thrown in my face. I’m more concerned with the power they unleash upon detonation. It’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I understand they’re explosives, and they aren’t supposed to tickle you. But they seem to be a bit too powerful. It’s probably one of the only features where there’s a shield-health bleed through, which isn’t right.

I can’t count how many times in the past couple of weeks ALONE that I’ve won a firefight with an enemy, begin to walk away as my shields have almost fully recharged, only for a frag to bounce off of 3 walls, magnetically follow me, then proceed to take out my shields and my health with one blow. C’mon. That shouldn’t happen.

I never played the Beta, but I heard about “pineapple bomb” grenades and how powerful they were. Then, they were apparently toned down a bit, but it really isn’t enough IMO.

To be honest, I’ve only noticed a problem with Frag Grenades. Plasma Grenades seem, if anything, a little bit under powered. If you get a sticky a couple feet away from an enemy, it’ll blow up, cause some splash damage, but won’t even take out the shield. On the other hand, doing this with a frag WILL take out the shield, and possibly even kill them if it’s close enough.

I don’t know. I don’t like to complain much as I really do enjoy this game a lot. There aren’t too many things that bother me about it, but this is a big issue in my books. The power just needs to be lessened a bit. If not, then it should be altered like Elite Slayer was. 1 Frag per person per spawn. Pickups are available where you can carry 2, but at least you’ll have to do the work to get them. I’m killed by or with great assistance from grenades for probably more than half of my deaths every match.

What do you guys think?

Agreed. I hate grenades…

Yes, the Frag grenades do too much damage in its blast radius and can kill players way too easily. They should be toned down a bit to match the other Halo games in terms of grenade usability. The nades were mostly used to pop players shields, so you can match the perfect headshot with.

Now players result into using the grenades as “Nukes” to destroy their opponent as long as they toss in in their general direction. Killing players with nades should not happen unless the opponent is fully unshielded. You can die in Reachs current state very easily even if you have some shields still there. Hopefully this is one of the many things that will be addressed in 343i’s incoming Patch/TU.

I’ve been killed by frags before when I’ve had full shields and full health.