Grenade Refill REQ?

Would you like to see grenade refills at the REQ station? Say, 2 points for a set of new 'nades? (You get to choose which of the three you want…)

Might lead to a more grenade happy experience, which might be bad… but I’ve run back to base countless times to refill ammo and still be out of grenades, longing for more…

The longing is real

I would like to see it, but put a timer on it. Like every X amount of seconds you can refill. Would cut down on the spam and still have them readily available.

Make it cost 2 req energy (not like a loadout weapon), and you can choose which set you want. If my armory was being pushed heavily by vehicles, I’d certainly be willing to spend 2 req energy for 2 splinter nades in the heat of the moment.

yes but has to have a cool down period, otherwise let the spamming begin

I would rather be able to choose frags, plasma, or splinter grenades at spawn. The vehicle spam in warzone would go way down if you could spawn with something remotely anti-vehicle without having to spend a lot of energy. They don’t have to be loadout, but they should at least be 1 or 2 energy REQ cards.