Grenade Rain

Why is it that every matchmade game now just consists of a constant stream of grenades flying around the map? Never have I experienced such a thing in any previous Halo game. It’s just grenade after grenade, probably my main cause of death in the MCC.
Was it this bad before, because I certainly don’t remember it being this bad?
Also what’s with the sudden Mauler addiction in Halo 3? I also do not recall them being that popular when Halo 3 was in its prime…
What’s happened…? Matchmaking isn’t anywhere near as fun as it used to be :frowning:

It’s how it’s always been. People tend to remember things in a more positive light

It really just depends on the group of people Im playing with. I can tell many players are new to the game when people arent going for the power weapons. Seems the shotgun isnt as popular to many people these days, and the mauler is pretty often used (as it should be, its a pocket shotgun!). I dont think people are using the mauler more than back on xbox 360 halo 3 days. thats just my opinion.

grenades have always been a huge part of this game. halo 2 allows you to carry 8 grenades at once, so i always remember being killed more by grenades in halo 2 than halo 3 just because of that. but i havnt noticed more grenades than normal, althought i have heard of a bug where halo ce allows you to pick up more than 8 grenades (but never experienced it myself.