Grenade Pickups

What do yall think of stating out with two grenades with no avaliable grenades to pick up on multiplayer? I hate when players run and throw about 3 grenades and pick up more to help run away. I experience this on Halo reach and Halo 3.

I like.

also I hate random grenades that leave me one shot. Its frustrating.

I like that it means I won’t grenade spammed in a room and now people will be forced to us their grenades sensibly and tactfully.

Certainly going to make people think about where they’re placing grenades instead of randomly chucking them.

There should just be less grenades spawning on the map, but instead placed in more important locations like power weapons are, instead of being hidden in random corners.
As for grenades you pick up from the dead, they could just disappear quicker; you should still be rewarded with grenades if you kill an enemy.