Grenade Launcher

U people think that the Grenade Launcher from Halo: Reach will come back in Halo 4?

If the Pro Pipe aint’ back im gonna be :frowning:

I think we will get something like it. The pistol looking thing from the trailer may be a grenade launcher.

The Pro-pipe may be replaced or complimented by the Pro-shot :wink:

Maybe but I’m not really that interested in it

Grenade launcher is my favorite new weapon in reach. I hope it comes back but it is unlikely.

If it operates the way it does now, then I don’t want it back. If it gets fixed, then yes.

it is Reach’s perfect weapon.
It is the most satisfying kill in the game.
The fact is you need at least some form of skill to wield it to its full potential so it’s practically ignored on the battlefield.
I hope it will be back. it’s so fun to use.

I’m not bothered to be honest, if there was a weapon I would like to see return it’s the Brute Shot.

I really like the grenade launcher. I’m still learning and getting more comfortable with it, but I just love the ability to detonate when I want. I still haven’t used it like a trip mine yet, but I hope to.

How cool would it be…to be in a match shoot it so that it lands perfectly in the path of your oncoming enemy, go around the corner and use your radar to know the exact time to detonate at just the right moment!? Oh yes, in my opinion, could be epic.

I do hope it returns in some form.


If you buff the blast radius the Grenade Launcher is going to be my favorite weapon. Hopefully the grenade pistol in Halo 4 will act like the grenade launcher, because it’s extremely satisfying to get kills with.