Grenade fix option

In Halo 5 I thought grenade spamming was the worst in all the other Halos. This Halo isnt to bad but its still there. Id love if grenades were only pick ups which I think will reduce the spam of it. In the beta you are currently equipped with 2 at the start and can also pick them up at pick ups and also pick them off a dead spartan. This makes it so grenades are always present but if you can only pick them up at pick ups I hope this will fix it. Please take this into consideration :slight_smile:

At some point, 343 should introduce an experimental playlist similar to how other games test sandbox changes, it’d be interesting for testing community suggestions, especially around grenades

Perhaps a compromise might be to reduce the amount of grenades you spawn in with from two to just one?


One would probably be a good idea. Sounds good