Grenade Explosion Mechanics

Hey all,

For those of you that don’t know me or recognize my name, i am the creator of multiple custom games including Clogged Toilet in Halo 5. I had a great new idea for a minigame but unfortunately had to do a revamp of the concept as what i had planned isn’t possible. My initial intention was to have vehicles be indestructible but still have the ability to be EMPed. The problem though is that there are no EMP objects in the game besides weapons. So then I thought, “hell, I’ll just weld splinter grenades to the vehicles since you can blow them up without picking them up.” Did a little shoot test, and to my surprise that worked. THAT WAS THE ONLY THING THAT WORKED. I could not blow these grenades up by any other means.

  • Direct impact from bullets - yes - Direct impact from energy sources (e.g. lasers) - some - AoE from literally any explosive - no - Direct grenade impact or plasma burn - no - Turrets - Lol, no and I have no idea why… - Fire effects - noI couldn’t even blow them up with scripting because damage ratio 1.00 causes them to disappear with no EMP effect or even explosion. I see no reason not to change the functionality of these grenades. It changes nothing in matchmaking to change how resting grenades function, but it adds a ton to the custom game community. Even beyond that, add some EMP pieces so i can just blow those up or touch vehicles with them to disable. QoL changes are the best changes.

Leave a comment if you agree or have a way I can get an EMP out of these little pieces of garbage.

I have no idea how to Forge, but it is annoying how grenades can’t be chained. At this point it’s probably too late for 343i to change the way nades work but hopefully they’ll be changed in Halo 6