Grenade Detonation timer

Ok, I see a lot of threads talking about how grenades are OP but none of them mention what is in my opinion what gives them much of their power: Detonation time. In Infinite vs. other Halo games. The time from when’s grenade impacts a surface to when it explodes.

Halo Infinite has a very low time to explode after bounce that makes placing your grenades very easy, at the point frags don’t bounce much more than plasmas. This takes away much of the art that is grenade placement. In almost every other Halo if somebody threw a grenade at your feet it would just bounce past. In Halo Infinite it bounces less and most importantly after bouncing it explodes much quicker.

Grenade bounce/timing is an overlooked factor in the conversation of grenade balance.

Maybe everybody else prefers it this way i would love feedback.