grenade commendation question

does the doonka work towards your grenade commendations?


Come again?

if the “doonka” is the grenade launcher then no i don’t think it does.

If you mean the Grenade Launcher, then no, that counts as a heavy weapon kill, this increasing your Heavy Weapon commendation. I would love to this “doonka” weapon you’re on about though.

Lol Doonka that’s funny
If you are talking about the grenade launcher (pro pipe) then no it does not count for grenade commendations. However I think it does help with the “Get Loud”, “Splash Damage”, and “Heavy Weapon” commendations.

> ‘doonka’
> Come again?

Perhaps he is referring to the sound it makes, otherwise doonka sounds vaguely similar to a slang term for excrement LOL

I’m calling it the doonka from now on. Thanks op.

haha yeah i call it the doonka cuz of the sound it makes… me and a mate have said it for ages :stuck_out_tongue:

haha hopefully it sticks! spread the word! DOONK