Grenade Changing + Ordinance (Recon Layout)

I suppose this is more of a design issue than anything, but for the user’s of the Recon control layout (similar to that of classic Halo titles) Ordinance and grenade changing use the same buttons. D-Pad right controls both of these, with ordinance taking priority over grenade switching.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sitting with ordinance to call in, but get into a situation that makes me need to change grenades. But instead of changing grenades, ordinance comes in instead. This pretty much always results in my death and my power up being stolen. I know I could chose a different control scheme, but i’m fond of this one.

It just seems a little ridiculous to me that such a poor design choice could be made; having one button do two different things. I’m not sure the best way to remedy this, nor if there actually is one. Anyway, just something thats been bothering me. Has anyone else been irked by this?

Yes this has been a problem for me as well, I use Bumper Jumper and it has the same one button does two things action and it has lead to multiple deaths and ordinance being stolen.

Actually, it’s the same problem for all of the control schemes. I use default, and Right and Left and the D-pad control 'Nade switching. When I earn ordnance, I have to use Right, Left, or Down…Up if I have the Tracker mod, and I can’t switch 'Nades without calling in ordnance.

Well in Reach, Recon used ‘x’ to swap grenades. But now Recon uses Sprint as ‘x’.

Solution? Make sprint an AA again so ‘x’ or whatever button is used for sprint can be freed up again.

By adding all of these new features in Halo 4, the controller has become rather cluttered and IMO, more complicated than previous games. Take out what doesn’t work, keep what does, and work from there.