Grenade Blast Radius too large.

So after playing a couple of games so far and one thing that’s been bugging me is the way Frag’s behave when it comes to their blast radius, I love that they do some dmg, but the range is astounding on them. While the Plasma could be a bit larger for blast radius. I mean watching kill cams you don’t even have to be within the “Oh Hey There’s a Grenade There Marker” Marker for them to kill you. Just my two bits on Balance maybe other agree with me maybe not. But I feel they’re to strong in at least the blast radius.

grenades are a joke right now and need nerfing asap


I feel like it doesn’t have enough bounce.

I agree they are far too overpowered at the moment.

Yeah they need some nerfing.

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> I feel like it doesn’t have enough bounce.

It has plenty of bounce. You can bounce these things off of the walls from across the map. It’s ridiculous sometimes.