Green thumb broken

I heard that 343 fixed some controls in the game. My question is what about green thumb? I have always played green thumb and throughout the years they might have changed what button zooms (either RB or B) but the rest of the controls remained the same. Why is it when I zoom in halo anniversary playlist that it switches my grenades? RB is somehow zoom and grenade switch. Why is it when I click in my left thumb stick, nothing happens? When it is listed as crouch? Why is it that the B button is my crouch button? This only happens in anniversary mode. It is completely disorienting to have so many buttons switch. I tried learning a universal control setup and it went well until the halo 5 beta. So I used green thumb in the beta because it was close to something I knew. Could 343 please fix green thumb? Or better yet give us the option to make our controls whatever we want. It doesn’t make sense why there are so many options for controls but you can’t have a fully custom setup yet.

I assume I am the only one who plays greenthumb.

I also use greenthumb, and MCC is mapped incorrectly accross all playlist as well as universal greenthumb. I think I saw in some previous patch notes that it was supposed to be fixed, but it is not. I think it is telling that 343 can’t even QA the controls. Did they even test any of the game?

H2A: Still broken, had high hopes for this update.

While being labeled correctly in the controller diagram menu, greenthumb does not function correctly.

Left Thumbstick: should crouch, but doesn’t do anything.
B button: should zoom, but crouches instead.
RB button: should switch grenades but zooms AND switches grenades instead.

Please just fix greenthumb to work as it was intended, and had been for so many years.
The picture of the controller is right, now just make it work like the picture?

It looks like the crouch label has been removed from the universal green fingers controller diagram, as if it wasn’t intended to crouch to begin with?

Seeing lots of bug reports… but never any mention about controls not working.
Switch to greenthumb… press the buttons… note the fail, then fix it?

Been way too long since launch to still have incorrect controls. You would think that button mapping would be the first thing on the list when rebuilding a blockbuster game.

Come on 343, you’re no bungie… but you cant be stupid.

please acknowledge

The only thing 343 cares about is halo 5 because they want all of us to give them more money. How was the h5 beta LESS BROKEN THAN HALO MCC’s ACTUAL RELEASE?

I’m not even here to bash them… I would just like to know if 343 even understands there is a problem with the controls.

People will always -Yoink- about balancing, ranks, playlists, mechanics, and anything else they can find to -Yoink- about.
Fixing the controls should be high on the list of bugs however. Wouldn’t you think?

I mean… greenthumb might not be the most popular button layout, but it has always been a part of halo.
Time was taken to put greenthumb in the collection (thank god) … but I can’t understand how the controls shipped to stores broken, and have stayed broken throughout several patches and updates.

please acknowledge

someone is bound to notice sooner or later,

I use Legacy and turning in H2A or Halo 4 sucks so bad, and the vehicle control seems so strange, maybe it’s just me, maybe I am horrible lol.

These issues should not exist.

It’s kind of sad really… these guys (current gen devs in general) are put under such ridiculous time constraints to crank out these games… that basic quality control doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

When making a new game, for the first time… it takes as long as it takes.

Once a game becomes established, it becomes a franchise… a house hold name. Investors expect product, often of any quality, and they now decide the release date. There is big money to be made in Q4.

Now that gaming is “popular” again, we have delved into some weird… push it out to stores and patch it later mentality. “Maybe they won’t notice” becomes the justification for moving broken products from once very good programmers, developers, and business men alike.

Also, keep in mind, that I do understand that fixing something as simple as “button layouts” is not that simple at all. And it would probably cost a disgusting amount of money to pay someone to open up that particular section of code, fix it, then submit an update or patch, and finally wait for it to be granted approval or certification to release it over the Live network.

I get it.

However… You all know damn well, that money has already been paid, and someone didn’t do their job. How can an entire team, neglect to make sure the buttons work?

This isn’t some crazy variable in netcode, latency, or matchmaking. It’s not some unforeseen bug in the game mechanics… This is very testable. Likewise, someone involved is fully aware because of something noticed in the recent April patch.

Evidence: Universal Green fingers (the closest working thing to greenthumb) used to have crouch listed on the left thumb stick as well as B button. (but only B actually crouched)

Fix: Delete the label on the thumb stick because it didn’t work.

Again, as it stands:
Left Thumbstick: should crouch, but doesn’t do anything.
B button: should zoom, but crouches instead.
RB button: should switch grenades but zooms AND switches grenades instead.

How is 343 not embarrassed by this?

Still hopeful

How has this issue still not been fixed? Classic green thumb should be available across all games. Pretty embarrassing 343…