Green grenade tracers?

When I’m playing multiplayer right now, whenever anyone throws a grenade (me, a teammate, or an opponent), the tracer on it is green instead of the usual yellow. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a bug? Or is it some kind of update 343i made? I don’t see anything about it in the Settings, unless I am overlooking it. This just started happening today.

Edit: It’s even happening in Campaign

It happened to me once but it was a light purple color. It ended up going away on its own after a few hours if I remember correctly

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It happened to me one or two times shortly after release.
I thought it was an update to indicate friendly grenades :smiley:

But in the end…probably was just a bug.

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Mine will turn red sometimes. Never seen green.

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Same happened to me 2/14/22. It was actually really nice. I have not idea how it happened. When I played again the next day it was mysteriously gone.