Green grenade tracers?

When I’m playing multiplayer right now, whenever anyone throws a grenade (me, a teammate, or an opponent), the tracer on it is green instead of the usual yellow. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a bug? Or is it some kind of update 343i made? I don’t see anything about it in the Settings, unless I am overlooking it. This just started happening today.

Edit: It’s even happening in Campaign

It happened to me once but it was a light purple color. It ended up going away on its own after a few hours if I remember correctly

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It happened to me one or two times shortly after release.
I thought it was an update to indicate friendly grenades :smiley:

But in the end…probably was just a bug.

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Mine will turn red sometimes. Never seen green.

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Same happened to me 2/14/22. It was actually really nice. I have not idea how it happened. When I played again the next day it was mysteriously gone.


Hi, yes i realised this yesterday, me and my bf played ranked and my granates are with that green track his are without i was wondering wth is going on

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I get this every once in a while and really like it. Should be a feature :pray:t3:

Glad I found this post. Yeah, all my grenade tracers have turned green. At first I thought it was linked to the new forge maps, but now it’s happening in every game. Not even too sure how a bug like this happens.

Grenade tracers being the team color of the team that threw it would be a pretty neat feature now that this bug has put my mind on it. Certainly better than shields, as it just makes it more difficult to discern your reticle placement when the reticle, outline, and shields are all the same color. But being able to spot in an instant if a grenade is friendly or not could theoretically save your life in non-ranked playlists.

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