Don’t buy. $9 vs $3 for gold pack that gives the same.

You must have already had the weapons all unlocked. Can’t remember what weapons were in it.

Most of the time these speciality packs are a waste of points or money… But the greatest hits weapon pack isn’t exactly what a gold pack is, the greatest hits weapon pack unlocks two “most popular” weapons of rare or higher, and contains a large number of single use weapons from the same set, so which ever two rare or higher weapons you get you get a bunch of single use cards of them, to bad it doesn’t say specifically how many… A gold pack can unlock uncommon to legendary stuff and then you get two boost cards and then ten random single use cards all uncommon to legendary stuff.

So not excatly the same at all but if I were still on the silver to gold pack grind I would steer clear of it because 100,000 in points is a lot of unlocks compared to just two from this pack.

Fair point. I’ll rephrase. Don’t buy hoping to get your favorite req cards that you have already unlocked.