Greatest Hits Req Pack?

I’ve opened up a few of these very expensive packs and noticed in my experiences and from people on the forums, that there is a trend of a select set of armors that everyone seems to be getting. From what I’ve seen, people seem to be getting Mark IV, Wrath, and vigilant more commonly than the other armor. Is this coincidental or is it in the req pack itself that certain armors appear more than others?

Its designed to give the “most popular” ultra rare armors. Mark IV, Helljumper, Shinobi, the armors that are most commonly used by the more serious players.

As said above they are the “most popular” so yeah quite a few will get some of the same stuff. the pack really isn’t worth getting again after you open your free one. it only comes with 5 unlocks if you are on the pack grind… 100k in req points gets you 40 unlocks in silver packs and 20 unlocks in gold packs. if you are using money for 8.99 you can get three gold packs and that is 6 unlocks… also the packs come with boost/jackpots and weapons. if you have everything unlocked it just gives you 5 legendary xp boost, not really worth 100k in points IMO.

Can someone tell me how to get this pack

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> 5 legendary xp boost, not really worth 100k in points IMO.

Once someone reaches the higher ranks and wants to grind to 152, that’s probably the best way to do it.

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