greatest halo forge map you have built

whats the greatest halo reach forge map u created?

I’m not sure but maybe my bridge?
Or maybe my frigate in halo 3, it was really cool and better than many. Maybe other maps but I’m not sure.

valley like a little like renegade and hemorage

Cliff For sure :slight_smile:

Well, the prettiest map I have ever made has to be The Spine (I won a star for it!), here is a pic:

The funnest map I have made is the Flood. Its a very small map set half under water, mostly for 1v1 or 2v2, it only works on RvB gametypes.

greatest halo forge map you have built?

h3 -

hr - soon :smiley:

Media, I’ve made two maps. That and another called Wasteland on Halo: Reach. I’m getting much better and would like to start making more.

I made a map called Courtyard in Foundry in Halo 3, and remade it in Reach in Forge World. The remake is much better.

new to the forge world just have made two maps…one i have uploaded on youtube other still in progress almost there…this one me and my bro made he loves snipers so we made this for 4v4 up to 16 big team snipers a wide open area…it can still be changed we havent decided on what to change yet…check it out let me know what you think…

My clan training map!