Greatest Forge Improvement since it's release

Say goodbye to those plain, lego-like textures that made an otherwise great forge tool look like Pre-Halo 1 beta graphics.

From Patch Notes:

With Memories of Reach, Forge evolves yet again with even more updates, assets, and bug fixes, as well as the addition of another highly requested feature by Forge community. Primitive objects in Forge can now be drastically altered with the all-new Material base and overlay options.
Material Base: Covenant, Forerunner, Default Metal, Concrete, Wood, Marble.
Overlay: Grime, Frost.
With the new material options, you can now immerse players in your Forge maps like never before. Change the look and feel on your epic battleground, or create brand new play spaces the way you’ve always imagined. Your passion for Forge continues to fuel us, and we can’t wait to see how you surprise us next!

Forget about that…

just imagine custom games with that…

Seriously? That’s cray cray.