Great response to match composer feedback!

  • Feedback: Desire for more player agency to choose experiences (via a Match Composer feature or additional playlists)

In Season 2 we will have more regular rotations to our playlists, rotating out less popular playlists and putting up new ones for players to dive into. S2’s launch will also bring the new Arena map, Catalyst, and the fan-favorite mode, King of the Hill, to multiple playlists on day one. Long term, we’re looking at more options for players to have more autonomy over what they’re wanting to play while maintaining healthy matchmaking for everyone. Expect more updates on this in the future.

Interesting distraction tactic here. This response literally had me laugh at the obvious attempt.

Adding more maps, modes, and rotating playlists (while generally a good thing) doesn’t do anything to increase player control. It actually dilutes it further.

“You want more choice in what and how you play? OK, just look over here at this shiney stuff that I know you’re excited about and has nothing to do with your feedback on this issue.”

Gee, thanks 343 for listening and being so responsive.
Also, at this point when they say something is “long term” or they are “looking at” or “closely monitoring” bla bla bla you can bet that will be a real long ways out when you consider what we’ve gotten in the last 5 months paired with their comments on high priority feedback.


100% agreed ! Rotative playlist are horrible, Match Composer work perfectly for MCC and would be perfect for Infinite !


Hello I’m writing a long text in which I describe how to create a problem and then trying to solve it.

If it isn’t working, it’s probably your fault because I know better what and how you want to play.

Why is everyone leaving?


Their response is carefully worded BS. They dont want to add any permanent playlists that have been in every halo game like team doubles. They want to slowly release minimal content like playlists when they chose and hope people will return and spend money on their game overtime. Since they are doing this, i will not be spending any money on the game.

Gears 5 also released content very slowly and had no population by the end of the first year. Now there is content in gears 5 with no players.

Rotational playlists are extra, that should not be the only way to play or have variety in the game. There needs to be several permanent ranked and social playlists.


I’m glad you quoted the full text, because your paraphrase conveniently leaves out the other half of the text:

Yes the first part is absolutely a distraction and not at all what players are asking for, but the full context also doesn’t downplay the general population’s interest in choice.

Did you miss the part where I talked about their track record for long term plans?

I appreciate that they have acknowledged the feedback, but this is nothing more than them saying “We’ve heard the feedback but currently have no plans to address it.” I would prefer that type of genuine response over their habitual attempts to manufacture some convoluted paragraph to try and paint themselves in a better light.


Yup they basically took a complete Halo game ripped it apart. Put back the most minimal bare minimum, and are slowly putting back already existing content.

It’s like hey guys here’s grifball exciting NEW content …

And here’s 4 of the og default colors you would get free day 1 in any Halo but here in infinite ots 10 bucks per color…


If MCC and H5 end-of-support state are anything to go by, we shouldn’t doubt their long term plans imo. We just shouldn’t expect them anytime soon :sweat_smile:

Lol.yea it’s a like ok guys dog worry in like 3 to 4 years you will have a complete polished game…

Hey, you know that mode you really like? Well we are removing it for something else this week. Hope you all like Fiesta Oddball. Next week we are doing One Flag. The week after, we were thinking of testing Tactical Attrition. Now I don’t want to announce too big of a roadmap here, but we maybe possibly might be adding Big Team Super Fiesta, but that’s not confirmed. We might instead do Bull Shockers, a Bulldog Shock Rifle version of Shotty Snipers. Hope you’re all looking forward to the challenges we make for each one!

MCC does playlist rotation, and I always enjoy when something like Grifball or a race mode comes for the featured weekly, but otherwise I almost never play the weekly rotation.

*After reading my random joke rotation playlists, I realize that there’s no way 343 would ever come up with something half as good as those, and they’re pretty bad ideas.


343 really needs to get the message that they don’t dictate what the player wants, the player tells you what they want. They have been ignoring player feedback as early as H5’s development where they brought on Pro players and promptly ignored their suggestions.


Yeah, fair enough. It’s just a shame that the games seem to be getting progressively less content at launch. I get that it isn’t fair to compare Halo 5/MCC in their current state to Infinite at launch, but… shouldn’t we be getting more/better at launch at least?