Great remake, great price and great DLC!

This champions bundle is amazing!

343 and Certain really nailed with this one. Best 10 bucks I’ve ever spent in my whole life.

And, plus, the population is great. Its always on top of most played playlist, i don’t think other DLC were successful as this one.

IMO, more of this wouldn’t be bad at all, more Halo 3 remakes, more skins and probably more stances…

Ricochet is by far the funniest gametype I’ve ever played in halo. (Without custom gametypes of course)

The maps are nice, the game is fun…I don’t mind paying for maps. I RESENT paying for stances! How about some beautiful maps that can also be Forge-able? That would be worth my money.

Of course, they gave us Forge Island for free, so, yeah…

I’m loving it too :slight_smile:

> I’m loving it too :slight_smile:

Me as well :wink:

It’s a very good dlc, to me the best dlc halo has had so far. :slight_smile:

Love both maps and stances are pretty cool to.

I actually like this more than the entire season pass. Please keep this up 343

Great DLC. There definitely should be future DLC like this.

I wish there was a “thank 100 times” button below each post, because I would click it on the OP. I can’t tell you how nice it is to see a positive thread here, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it :slight_smile:

Finally, something positive about the Champions Bundle… I love it, to be honest. Armor looks good, maps look good, everything looks good. My only real issue is the Spartan Ops bug, but since it was acknowledged as an “Issue” by 343i, I imagine that means they’re going to fix it.

It’s definately not perfect, but come on. New armor DLC in Halo? Who would have thought?

Im loving all the new weapon and armor skins, and with the mcfarlane DLC on the horizon… oh ho ho…

Spartan Ops… Cough, cough…

Been loving the Champions Bundle too - Ricochet is so much fun :slight_smile: