Great Ideas for halo 4

Number 1, halo 4 needs to have 2 dics, one for campain and multiplayer…will have more data instead everything being on one dics.

Number 2…Have multiplayer training (for noobs) players must perform things like the 4 shot or 5 shots…using rockets, etc.

Number 3…BOTS for custom game use ONLY…AND to create your own bot using like the best 3 or 4 videos from theater. can be put in your fileshare so that friends can download it and play against your bots…PLUS YOU CAN PLAY AGAINST THE PROS…

By doing something like this WILL BE the BEST HALO GAME EVER…It would be the best halo that bungie could not make And It would sell like billions


That’s a nice opinion you have there.