Great Idea!

Ok, so they remade Halo 1 and sold it as Halo Anniversary. Also, they retextured and 720p’d Marathon Durandel and sold it on XBLA. So…why not Do the same thing they did with Marathon, but with Halo 2? Keep the Multiplayer the way it was, with clans and everything and all the maps (all of them) but you can actually play it online again, because it will be an Xbox 360 game. Fans have Nostalgasms and 343 Turns a profit.

Because the game isn’t old enough to get Marathon’s treatment.

What you’re asking for is a full game that was released last-gen, with everything inside it.

With all the multiplayer maps, it’d pretty much be a $40 game on the marketplace. Not only that, but it would seriously detract from Reach’s (Or maybe even Halo 4’s) population to have another Halo game out at the same time that supports it’s own multiplayer.

They might as well expend their resources on remaking the game and doing the same thing with the maps as they did for CEA / Reach. But even then, the game just isn’t dated enough to necessitate such a thing.

I understand where you’re coming from, I do. I loved Halo 2’s multiplayer, as do a number of people here.

Agreed with Ka Five. Brilliant game, but I think they should treat it like they did CEA. They could maybe do it for each Anniversary, through to Halo 3, cos as up to date as 3 is now, in 20-30 years I bet a remake would look phenomenal.

Ok so maybe not a full retexture. That might cause some problems. But what if they just slapped some 720p on it and released it to XBLA for like 1200-1600 Microsoft Points. Basically, Halo online classic. As a fan, I can safely say that the community is getting at least a little tired of the Reach Multiplayer. And not to mention the people who complain about the Halo 2 emblem. Also, Seeing as anniversary just came out, why not follow it up? Not everyone owns Halo 2, or is even able to play it. Think of Threshold (Terminal 11) the Story lines up perfectly. If they sold it cheap with little work on XBLA I could see this work out just fine.