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Halo 5 is already being discussed at in the halo 5 forums so…

I’ve come up with some halo 5 ideas i think all of you might like. Well, first lets start off with my ideas for the multiplayer/xbox live gametypes shall we?


Spartan Ops Season 2 - Crimson gets captured by a brute chieftain leader of the covenant, and he is held captive on the mother ship. A new spartan steps in and his mission is to save crimson. Also enemies are just covenant.

The Flood - Well, it’s like a third campaign just like spartan ops is like a second campaign. Master chief and arbiter were with an elite squad on the halo ring they were in a large area infested with flood. The elites got lost. They lost contact with arbiter and master chief. It’s their mission to find the arbiter and the chief. They have to kill any flood/covie that stands in their way! There is not that much covenant in this mode.There is only flood, not that much covenant, spartan flood, and sentinels. The sentinels are on your team. You’ll run into them a couple of times and they’ll help you get through locked doors and kill flood. Near the end they lead you to master chief and the arbiter.

Prommethean Slayer - A gametype where you can play as a promethean and kill other prometheans in war games. Blue vs Orange because orange is there color on halo 4. We get to have promethean weapons and promethean abilities like that shield and the little robot that protects you. And on the left side of your arm you get to have a sword attached to it. War games.

Swords & Hammers! - I gametype in war games where you only have energy swords and gravity hammers. The only armor ability you have is invisibility.

Race - Returns! If you’d played halo 2 or 1 you would know what im talking about.

Elite slayer - Returns!

You guys like? c:


Brute plasma rifle
Plasma rifle
Brute shot
Sentinel beam
Original SMG’s


Locust - Looks like a mini scarab and its in halo wars.
Scarab - Returns. Looks like a giant futuristic alien spider lol.
Cyclops - Was in halo wars UNSC vehicle a person gets in it and the cyclops can hit you with its big hands. It also repairs broken stuff.
Vampire - Was in halo wars a covenant vehicle like a banshee you can fly it but you can also shoot needlers out of it.

Armor abilities:

I dont know - Only used for promethean slayer, this ability allows you to call those little bug prometheans and they go and kill the other team. Just like on call of duty we have attack dogs.


Elites(Very little)
Grunts(Very little)
Wild Jackals(Normal jackals until you piss them off they attack you like a zombie)
(New enemy?)
(New enemy?)
(New enemy?)


Prometheans(I’ll tell you later)

Here’s why prometheans are foes. If you watched the terminals on halo 4 the last terminal shows that the librarian turned the prometheans good. Thats why they were blue. So now lets just say the librarian turned them good again and in the campaign they help you kill flood in the library?

Campaign - Ok so i dont wanna go over my idea for the storyline so im just gonna say The arbiter comes back with his elites and theres a major war all around earth from the covies. Then the covenant get distracted because they found another sacred halo ring and all of a sudden they stop attacking. Then they retreat to the ring. If they go on that ring theyre gonna activate it and its gonna kill us all! It is master chief and arbiters job to stop the covenant. 343i I would love for this campaign to be very long! It would keep us halo fans going. I hope theres 3 parts in the campaign where at first you get to play as chief and then we play as arbiter then we play as the rookie from halo 3 odst and the rookies job is to be on earth defending it. Like on halo 2 there was 2 parts of it where you get to play as arbiter then the chief.

Would you guys love these ideas to be on halo 5 and play these epic adventures? Flood mode would be great! P.S all these are just ideas and stuff. And of course i dont want all the original stuff to be taken away.

What do you guys think? These are just ideas guys. And i would just like for halo 5 to be a halo 2 smashed with all the other halos. Then it makes epic game. Bye guys. Tell my what you think in the comments.

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Use This Thread for Halo 5 related suggestions

It will probably get more attention as well

> Use This Thread for Halo 5 related suggestions
> It will probably get more attention as well


Mods will lock this soon, just to let you know, as we are keeping all Halo 5 suggestions in that thread.

> Use This Thread for Halo 5 related suggestions
> It will probably get more attention as well

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