Great game 343 πŸ‘

Whoops, I meant beta. So, when does the game start?


At the end of the 10 year β€œservice”, you’ll have a complete game. Until then, it’ll be IV dripped bit by bit, update and DLC after update and DLC.


When you buy more Cat Ears for $20 to benefit their salary


If this was the beta and they were going to change stuff at this point based on our feedback that would be so lit, but alas…look at what month it is. We have been scammed by promises of rainbows and magic that will never come to pass.

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It will start when beta testers (us: halo players) will have pay enough in the store to launch the real game.
Halo infinite is not a free game because we have pay 60 $ for a single campaign mode.
What is the same price for other complete Halo games (campaign + multiplayer).

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Technically, the player base did get scammed with this buy now, pay full price and we will fix it later when we feel like.

This flawed logic is beyond stupid.