Great Beta! Here are a few things I would fix.

So the Halo 5: Guardians Beta has come to a close. I wish I had more time with it, as it was definitely an excellent experience. As a veteran fan, I really enjoy the direction Halo is heading in.

Now, as awesome as the Beta was, naturally, there are a few things that I noticed might need to be changed:

1.) Sprint. Yes, we all have a love/hate relationship with this particular function. While I do appreciate your attempt, 343i at balancing the ability, I feel as if you’re going about it the wrong way. Rather than no shield recharge while sprinting, how about NO SPRINT WHEN YOUR SHIELDS ARE POPPED? I feel as though this would not only balance sprint more efficiently, but it would also eliminate the whole “cat and mouse” side-effect that many are complaining about.

2.) Shield strength. Many players, myself included find our Spartan’s primary defense mechanism to be slightly lackluster. I feel as though a reasonable boost to our default shield strength would prove to be most effective in creating more balanced combat.

3.) Assists. Now, this is more of a self-centered problem, but a tremendous issue nonetheless. Many games, I find myself getting my kills stolen more often than received. For instance, imagine a game of 10k 17a 15d. Having the majority of your kills stolen really puts a damper on your overall K/D. Not only that, but it’s irritating to pour all of your resources into earning a kill just to have a teammate swoop on in and deliver the last shot. Why not just adopt BF4’s shared kill system? “Assist Counts As Kill” can really help rectify the whole feeling of having undergone a wasted spawn.

4.) Manual Stabilizers Button Activation In Recon. I prefer to play using the “Recon” control layout, and activating the manual stabilizers requires me to have to press in the joystick, then hit (X) which hinders my ability to aim for a significant period of time. I prefer not to use Auto-Stabilizers as they can get in the way tremendously, so to rectify this issue, why not activate Manual Stabilizers by CLICKING IN BOTH JOYSTICKS SIMULTANEOUSLY? This would really help make the gameplay feel more fluid, and prevent any loss of efficiency when selecting this alternate button layout.

5.) The Call-Outs. (especially for power weapons) I feel as though having these AI call-outs really eliminates the ambient atmosphere that Halo has always been known for. It also turns the game into a lazy rush for the power weapons. I prefer having to learn the map patterns rather than having the announcer hold my hand. At least make call-outs an option that can be toggled, and for the sake of balance, a playlist that disables it.

6.) Kill-cam. Now, I myself have no real problem with it, however I would recommend it be taken off or put as an option for those who want it, simply because you don’t want the whole “omg halo rip off coddddddd!11” rhetoric sending tremors through the Halo community.

7.) Default Button Layout As Recon. Now this one is not a complaint at all as it does not effect the gameplay whatsoever, however most players, myself excluded tend to just play using the default button layout. Most of these “Halo feels too much like CoD” complaints come from those who don’t bother to adjust their button layout to Recon. So for simple public approval sake, I recommend just making Recon the default button layout. It’s also arguable that those who use the current default button layout have a slight edge, because they don’t have to reactivate zoom when de-scoped. It would be beneficial to the game’s balance to force them to re-scope by clicking [LT] again.

Well, that’s really all I can think of at the moment. Excellent job 343i. If other than those few things, I feel as though the game is near perfect. I adore the mobility, and the sprint charge ability is something I have been asking for since Halo 4. I love the 1st person view on the Thruster Pack now. (In fact, I believe the Halo 4 Thruster should have been 1st person to begin with.) Great Job 343i, and thank you for bringing us a fantastic beta. I’m looking forward to playing the finished product!