GRD Teddies? WT EFFF?

So does any body know whats going on with all of these teddy bears on the anniversary map pack? I found my first one on Solitary, as I was trying to get out of map(true get outta mapper myself), and I found it in a corner, and I recently learned that that’s not the only map to feature them. I found Battle canyon’s bear, but I have not seen any others. Speculate, and please, be respectful and not flame each other, and with that, POPS out.

So far they just appear to be Easter eggs in the anniversary maps. And they make squeak sounds when you bash them. I think that’s it unless there is some hidden use behind them. There are videos on YouTube on where each is located.

He can indeed be found on every Anniversary map, including the Firefight one.

His name is Spartan Bob S-343. Bob due to the color of the armor being similar to the Elite “Bob” of the Reach Campaign, and obviously S-343 for 343i.

You can check out my article on my blog here for where he is on Installation 04.

In the meantime, here is the location of every Spartan Bob S-343:
Installation 04: Forge mode is easiest to find him. He’s in the hills above and to the left of the big forerunner door, behind a rock.

High Noon: VERY high up on the corner wall at blue spawn. You need a sniper to even see a tiny bit of him. Shoot him down and you can hit him to make him squeak.

Ridgeline: In a UNSC crate near the cliff edge. Beat the top of the box from the crate to reveal him.

Penace: This one is tricky and you must do this in Forge. He is INSIDE of a corner wall. To get him out you have to create a man-cannon and put that behind the wall. He will then pop out.

Solitary: In the room with the blue cylinders. Again using forge, create a teleport and insert it into that room. Then make one on your side of the room and go through. He’s in an alcove.

Battle Canyon: At the rocky side teleport (the back “room”, not the base itself), look up and there is a hole in the rock room. He’s up in there. Shoot him down!

Breakneck: In the stairwell of the construction building. He’s way at the top in the ceiling. Best to shoot him down with rockets.

Follow my blog for the "Adventures of Spartan Bob S-343. It will be an on-going series about our fun little squeaky spartan.


I’m so glad the grd wasn’t a fluke, this just totally re-awakened my interest in halo anniversary…
Props 343i!!

But anyway i am still hopeful (even though most people dismissed it as impossible) that the grd is an armor permutation available through some kind of secret hidden in the game…

It’s awesome to see really good Easter eggs in halo again. it adds so much depth to the game.


It’s very obvious you’re just trying to advertise. You should stop.

Hmm let’s see, I posted a link to my blog then gave ALL the info right here anyway about where to find Spartan Bob. Yes, of course, I want people to come read my blog. In this instance though, you needn’t follow the link I provided to know where he is.

What’s wrong with posting one’s website? It’s Halo. Not just related, but specific. I’m not forcing anyone to go to the site. It’s another avenue for Halo fans. Nothing wrong with that.

Since I can’t post a signature, those links will be at the bottom of every post of mine from now on. I gain no monetary benefit from my blog, BTW. It’s all been for fun and will continue to be so.

So why stop?

If I’m told by a moderator to stop then fine I will comply.

Honestly though, it really feels like there are certain people here on this forum who just want to complain about every and anything. Why not provide constructive criticism instead of constant complaining?

Anyway, back to Spartan Bob and the mystery of the GRD helmet.