Gravity Hammer is Extremely Overpowered in Infinite Multiplayer

Is anyone else finding both the area of hit and power of the Gravity Hammer in Infinite Mupliplayer extremely over powered? Its quickly become the weapon of choice for most players thus far in my experience playing Infinite Multiplayer for these past couple months. One hit from about 15-20ft out does about 75% damage seemingly and a second from same kills. This weapon needs to be dialed back… ? Would also love to see the Drop Wall have increased strength by at least %100. Its an almost useless ability.


That’s why it’s a power weapon.


It’s a power weapon, it serves its purpose fine. And the drop shield if used correctly can change the outcome of a fight to where you pretty much automatically win in a gunfight. It’s a one way shield so shouldn’t be very powerful at all.

remember when everyone was concerned about the drop shield when we first saw it?

Yes it is

No don’t change it

Drop wall has helped me in ranked some by providing a Situational counter to grenades and rockets a few times. It’s also not bad to Rush into a fight and throw it in front of a Teammate that’s one shot to save them

I think it is more inconsistent than overpowered. In my experience swings that are extremely close range can sometimes do very little damage, other times it has a killing range farther than the shotgun.
Also does it need to take so long to swing the dang thing?

Yes , if you are low ping

On high ping, sometimes it doesn’t even work, as the frag grenades