Gravity Hammer is back in February!

At the end of the Infinity’s Armory Livestream the Gravity Hammer was finally shown in the February Update teaser.

GRIFBALL HYPE. I hope it isn’t too late.

I hope that griftball is not the only new gamemode added in February update.
Also i think I hear in the strem that there were coming new maps.

Hell yess!!!

Looks like it has a custom ground pound animation as well.

It’d be pretty neat if it finally got unique assassinations as well.

Yeah sweet assassinations would be awesome. Like what if you flipped the spartan on to his back so he was looking at you and power slammed the hammer to his head… Wicked

Didn’t we get a teaser image of the ball a while back? Can’t tell if it was for Grifball, ricochet or both tho

:l better not be just Grifball