Gravity boots should be in halo 5

Guys does anyone else want the ability to stand from the ceiling and set traps for people? How about run on objects that are flying or on walls? This good add a whole new dimension to halo!! So what do you guys think?

sure. Replace sprint with this.

No this will be tarnish trick jumps to being simply running on a wall then jumping. Good concept but i don’t think it’ll work with Halo 5 G.

I’d love a level in the campaign in which you could alter gravity and bend it to your will. It would totally bring back memories of Prey.

Personally I think this is a bad idea. Adding a 3rd dimension to character physics would mean that the maps would have to be designed around such a game mechanic and I’m thinking that it would only serve to complicate things. Now if the boots only allow a player to be a fly on the wall for a short period of time (say 3-5secs) before you drop, that’s not as bad. Thinking about it technically the hover ability already has this property.

Maybe a one level campaign situation, but not an overall attribute. It would completely change level design to accommodate the new mechanic.

I don’t think this is something that Halo is ready for.

NO, sorry but the ability to run on the walls seems to be like titanfall or BO3 and I like the way halo feels.

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> I don’t think this is something that Halo is ready for.

I personally don’t think Halo should ever have it.

Please no :frowning: Keep it simple

No… because then that would be stealing MY idea… for my own fangame… if it ever gets made…

This would only work in zero-G environments where the magnets on Spartan boots turn on to stick to metal surfaces, like the outer hull of ships.

campaign yes, mm no.

I would be all for it if it was on a map or two but not through the whole game. Maybe a small mission in campaign and a multiplayer map to support it. Sounds like fun.

Maybe have even more control of gravity and physics in customs and forge to allow walking on the ceiling and walls, but that’s as far as I’d go with it.

Cool idea. I could see it as a pickup on the map

No. Just…no.

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> sure. Replace sprint with this.

Why do people write in all bold? Also, I think you’re trying to be funny??? Either way you failed.

There’s a game called Freefall Tournament that has gravity boots. You press SHIFT and you get pulled to the ground and also slide across the floor depending on the momentum you used the G-Boots with. It’s a unique addition to gameplay, but it wouldn’t really fit Halo.

This would be sick for a totally vaccuum spacestation, space wreck map.