Gravemind still appears to be the most difficult level on Legendary with Thunder on! Until we get to Halo Infinite with Thunder on some of the levels are quite demanding

Two betrayals is actually a level that if you don’t skip through is far more difficult many may find themselves dying over 2 to 4 times more here then on the library or any other H1 level.

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I felt like Elites were “smart” in previous Halos, and in Reach’s firefight I’d see them point at me and sort of command enemies to attack me. It was really cool that they’d put that detail in there, and it impressed me a lot.

Seriously, I thought that was only in CE and Halo 2?

Also, one of the few things I liked about Halo 3 Elites was how they noticed their comrade’s corpse )not just marines) and would kneel next to it.

The Halo 4 Elites feel like thugs.

The hunters also don’t chase you as much or react to your movement as much.

I demanded, begged, and pleaded for less camping Hunters. Instead what I got were even more preserved Hunters.

… So I played through Halo 2 Gravemind Legendary with Thunder on an the enemies could kill me quite easily I had a sniper jackal head shot me like 3 deaths in a row an it took me almost 2 hours to finish the level without glitching or speed running… I would like to say you would never know how difficult it can be as you can just walk by most of the enemies on normal. I’m glad the hunters managed to kill me as we were in a enclosed space an it was hard to walk around them… I may have died there the most but it was certainly not the hardest part. I was going to say a
few Spartan Ops missions may have been more difficult but after replaying it with Thunder on I’ll say no. I probably averaged about 30- 40 mins a mission which held true when I played some missions on legendary aswell. The thing is you put the tough luck skull on the knights an enemies will probably flank you an hide well with fog enabled etc. I’ll say Gravemind is worth 3 SP ops missions when playing solo on Legendary compared to other difficult levels considering how many times you’ll probably die before finishing it. On Legendary though I would say that H4 solo over all 60+ missions is about as difficult as Halo 2 solo on Legendary considering how many times you may die The Halo Infinite AI is an improvement over other installments it appears the tough luck skull is always on but toned down. Spartan Mountain, shoot out in Valhalla, Spartan Miller, Spartan Thorne, Everything has gone wrong, switch back, those levels have some parts where you may find yourself overwhelmed. H2 is second or the third hardest campaign on legendary but if you place on the Thunder skull I would have to say that Halo Infinite rapidly becomes the most difficult one to solo even with all the armor abilities and extra shields etc. The true 0 or first most difficult campaign would be Halo Wars 2 without any skulls given the fact that you may find yourself restarting entire missions or Fail to progress. It could easily take weeks to get through HW2 if your not familiar with RTS games an starting on legendary is a bad idea here. Then Halo 4 with all the Spartan Ops Missions solo only. After going back an replaying a few games. I’d say in terms of time an difficulty HW2 then H4 with all the Spartan Ops solo. H2 then HI, then H1 is about equal to HR are the most difficult story modes. I have no clue where to place HW1 on Legendary.