Gravemind prison skip

I am struggling BAD on nailing this. I’ve literally tried for 2 nights in a row now to practice & I can’t even get it to work on normal. I’ve been able to get one of them to follow me down, but then either I can’t do it fast enough or I accidentally kill him before I can go back up. Idk what I’m doing wrong or why I can’t even get it once. I know it’s possible to do it with skulls on but that kinda makes the rest of the mission feel off. What should I do?!

The prison skip is honestly one of the hardest tricks in all of Halo 2, however unless you’re doing LASO you don’t really need to do it, if anything it can just over complicate your run.
My Halo 2 speedrun was one of the last achievements I got out of all 700 of them. I didn’t do the prison skip for it.

People only skip the prison in LASO due to the instant death you will 99.99% have before you’ve even hit the ground - mainly due to the skulls that increase enemy awareness. As you come down the life they’ll just kill you.
On standard legendary you don’t really face the instant death as the enemy awareness skull shouldn’t be on which gives you a lot more of a opportunity to stay alive.

Gravemind can be done on a Legendary speedrun without it however you’ll just need to really nail the other missions in the game or at least don’t have a massive time on Gravemind.

Also, you’re speedruns can be done solo or co op. Doing Gravemind co op with someone who’s played the game before isn’t too difficult.

If you’re dead set on doing the prison skip the one but if advice I can give you is to take your time to pace your button combos and not spam the buttons. A lot of it is luck and positioning and can take a lot of time to practice but it is doable.

Just take your time to learn the mission and stay alive. You don’t need to be completely perfect or be a world record contender. You’re just looking to get the mission done in reasonable time. Worst case scenario, shave some extra time off other missions.