Grassroots Help?

I put on many Halo competition thoughtout the state of Texas throughout the year. I would like to become an official HCS GrassRoots organizer as I have many people that ask me how to get from the basic grassroots tournments that I offer to the HCS pro league. I can only provide them with limited information as I myself do not know.

Over the years I have given away 75 xbox consoles and thousands of dollars. All of which are purchased and sponsered using my own money.

I do this mainly due to the fact that I myself have been a lifelong gamer. Secondly, as a kid I was in alot of trouble that landed me in places that no child should find themselves. I have found that offering the inner city and proverty stricted youth with a health outlet for there issues is helpful to keeping them out of trouble and forming teams helps them help their friends.

Last year was a tough year for my organization due to COVID and we learned a lot about things like Smash and online gaming tournaments. I have to admit we still have a lot of learning to do in this area. However we are hoping that by the beginning of the year we can begin doing many more online tournaments.

So we now starting to work with other youth group organizations to increase our tournaments and expand the eSports community. However, our biggest issue is the ever present questions of “How to I become a pro-gamer” or “Do these tournaments lead to pro competetions?” I would love to become a member of the Halo Grassroots progam and learn more about providing my contestants with information about next steps in their gaming career.

As a side note it has been so much fun doing this as I have been able to introduce youths to other areas of gaming beyond the “pro-gamer” plan to wanting to become programmers, artists, level designers, game producers, and into the IT Field as a whole. Which has been the true goal to why I do this and fund it with my own money.

So I am not asking for handouts but I would love a hand-up, in learning how to do things better and to give my contestants greater opportunies. By being involved more in the official 343 network and eSports community.

Thanks in Advance for the help.
Carver Parkes